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Branch News

August 2016 ASCE San Luis Obispo Branch Meeting - Sustainability in Civil Design

ASCE and its members are dedicated to ensuring a sustainable future in which human society has the capacity and opportunity to maintain and improve its quality of life without degrading the quantity, quality or the availability of natural, economic and social resources.

We’ve been hearing more and more about the importance of sustainability in civil design. Developers are planning Sustainable Communities utilizing Green Infrastructure. Water resources considerations in CA are now driven by the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act. RFPs often include a requirement for sustainability and resiliency in design. Low Impact Development is the standard expectation for storm water management. The UN recently put forth a list of Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. ABET recently added “sustainability in civil design” as a required aspect of civil engineering undergraduate education. The list goes on…

While sustainable design may once have been considered a minor aspect of civil engineering, being at least conversant with the concept of sustainability is now essential for all civil engineers practicing today. In this month’s meeting, we will discuss a number of issues regarding how sustainability applies specifically to civil engineering design: Beyond environmental considerations per se, what else does “sustainability” mean and how does it affect what we do as civil engineers? How can and should sustainability considerations be incorporated into civil design practice and education? Why does it matter?

This month’s discussion will be led by Rebekah Oulton, PhD, PE. Dr. Oulton is an Assistant Professor at California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo, in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. She started in Fall of 2013 after completing her PhD in Environmental Engineering at the University of Iowa. She teaches both water resources and environmental engineering, emphasizing water sustainability via wastewater reuse and resource protection. Before Cal Poly, Dr. Oulton was a consulting engineer at Cannon for 10 years, where her projects included the Guadalupe Restoration Project, the Avila Beach Restoration, water management and wastewater treatment projects for local municipalities, and storm water management design for numerous development and remediation projects throughout the Central Coast of California.

Shalimar Restaurant
2115 Broad Street
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Date & Time:
Thursday, August 18, 2016 - 12:00-1:00 PM

Authentic Indian and Pakistani Buffet

Members and Guests $25
Students $10

We ask if you sign-up, please be sure to attend - some venues will charge the Branch for every seat we reserve, regardless of the actual attendance. If for any reason you will not be able to attend, please contact Kyle Martinez ahead of time to be removed from the guest list. If you have specific dietary restrictions or have questions, please contact Kyle Martinez.

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ASCE Annual Training Seminar - Engineering Ethics

All members of ASCE have made a commitment to abide by the ASCE Code of Ethics, and have even agreed to report violations of this code. But how many engineers know the ASCE Code of Ethics or how they can be applied across the wide field of Civil Engineering?
In an effort to provide valuable continuing education opportunities for our members, the ASCE San Luis Obispo Branch is excited to offer their 2016 Annual Training Seminar on August 23rd. This Seminar is a half-day course consisting of a live Webinar hosted by ASCE National Experts, (eligible for Professional Development Hours), an interactive discussion of ethical case studies, and a panel of local professionals representing consulting, public works, professional and volunteer organizations, and academia. During the panel discussion, lunch will be provided by Pacific Harvest Catering, and will offer both standard and vegetarian options.
The ASCE SLO branch is proud to be a collection of excellent civil engineers from throughout the Central Coast. We hope that you will take this opportunity to join us as we delve into this important topic. No matter what stage of your career you are in or where you practice your profession, ASCE has developed tools to assist in making sound decisions when faced with the inevitable ethical dilemmas.

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